Lag Baomer Heresy Alert, Meron Alternatives, Bonfires Threaten Eruvin, and More: Iyar 5781 Roundup – אזהרה נגד מינות בשירת ל”ג בעומר, חלופות למירון, הדלקות נגד עירובין, ועוד: סקירת אייר תשפ”א

One of our most popular features historically has been coverage of the evolving Lag Ba’omer scene. So to keep the tradition going, we present a roundup of relevant news for 5781.

  1. Lag Ba’omer heresy alert: רב אשר ווייס שליט”א, the great תלמיד חכם and posek, has issued a warning against a heretical mispronunciation often heard on Lag Baomer. Those who follow the derech of אשכנז do not say or sing those words, but it is still noteworthy how a Chassidic poseik is speaking out against this serious error. There exist other issues relating to יחס לרשב”י worthy of being addressed as well. Perhaps in the future we will be זוכה.

2. Meron alternatives: Some Chassidim are promoting the idea that by visiting the graves of their Rebbes outside Eretz Yisroel one visits רשב”י as well, as they claim he will be at those sites.

Exhibit #1 – Bobov in New Jersey, USA. Exhibit # 2 – Lubavitch, NYC, USA.

3. Some additional Chassidic Rebbes are taking up the bonfire gig. I guess they figure that if you can’t hold your Chasidim from going off to fires of other Rebbes, join in to keep them close to you.

Exhibit #1 – Bobov-45 Rebbe. Exhibit #2 – Skulener Rebbe.

4. A Chareidi Rav and Eruv supervisor in ארץ ישראל warns against bonfire damage to עירובין, a special concern this year when Lag Ba’omer is on ערב שבת.

Of course, following the דרך הסלולה והישנה of מנהג אשכנז offers protection from such pitfalls.

In the zechus of following our holy מסורה, may we be protected and blessed.

חודש טוב ובשורות טובות


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