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Teitch=Deutsch – Illustration & Proof – טייטש=דייטש בשער ספר ישן ובויקיפדיה

March 15, 2012

In a previous post  it was mentioned that the Yiddish word טייטש, as in teitch of a posuk in Chumash, comes from the word Deutsch (German-German language), as Yiddish is Yiddish-Deutsch, a Jewish-German hybrid language.

It seems that some people are not totally convinced of it though, and are harboring doubts if it is just a pshetl (fanciful interpretation), or a drash, rather than the simple meaning, or פשוט פשט of the matter.

So here is some proof.

1) See the Wikipedia entry on the Yiddish language. Right in the beginning, in the second paragraph, one sees that teitch=Deutsch.

2) It can be seen in old seforim. Here is a nice illustration of it, for example, at the top of the title page (שער בלאט) of a sefer printed approximately two centuries ago, courtesy of, where one sees the words ובלשון אשכנז הנקרא טייטש.

So it is not a figment of someone’s imagination, but rather a plain fact.


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