An Ashkenazic Jew who is proud of his ancestry and ancestors, who is not ashamed of the great Ashkenazic heritage of גדולי תורה, בעלי עבודה, ו’יהודים פשוטים’, אשר חיו ולפעמים אפילו מסרו נפשם על קדושת השם ר”ל הי”ד, who believes that we have what to to learn from our holy ancestors, as the פסוק tells us, צאי לך בעקבי הצאן…


3 Responses to “About”

  1. Dutch Yekke Says:

    In days when all our children are being homogenised into becoming “yeshivish”, and dropping our precious minhogim, this forum is most important.

    After all, wearing a talis over one’s head is a sign of chutzpah if you aren’t the Rov. Now it seems that to do as we do (with talis and hat) dooms us to the appearance of eternal “bochurdom”. Among other things…

    The very worst, though, is to hear our minhogim referred to as “am haratzus”, or reform. If it isn’t in the Mishna Berura, it is wrong. Today I experienced that with Pesach Sheni. We say tachanun, but the rest do not. Or when, as this year, Av Harochimim is not said on the shabbos before Shavous, as we do. A clear hijacking of our minhog.

    While this can be most frustrating, it is even more important to be aware that what we are doing Is the authentic version.

    • Treasures of Ashkenaz Says:

      Thanks for the nice words and the encouragement!

      I know that Rav Hamburger visited the Netherlands a few years ago and gave some shiurim there. Are you aware of that? I think you would enjoy them.

      חזק ואמץ!

  2. Dutch Yekke Says:

    Yes. His son-in-law was in the Kollel here, and we were happy to see him visit. His shiurim were a wonderful and welcome help against the trend of delegitimisation of our מנהג המקום. Next time he is in the neighbourhood, he would be welcome again.

    In my rant, I left out one other example. My son was told by a leading “posek” in ארץ ישראל that no בן תורה would wait 1 hour between meat and milk, as is our מנהג. I often wonder what would be thought of the בעלי התוספות had they lived today with our מנהגים…

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