Lag Baomer and Chinuch -ל”ג בעומר ומצות חינוך

We recently read פרשת אמור אל הכהנים, where we are taught the important lesson, להזהיר גדולים על הקטנים, that not only gedolim/adults are obligated in the mitzvoh, but that also youngsters who have not reached the age of majority (adulthood) are to be under the guidance of their elders in it. The years of minority, before bar mitzvoh, are not a free for all, of anything goes.

Proper behavior in adulthood is developed by training the youth in their younger years in the ways of their elders. If children are not shown the proper way by them, they are at significant risk of going “OTD”, whether in a general sense, or in a more limited sense, ר”ל.

There are some mature adult institutions and individuals, who while not taking part in activities such as the Lag Baomer Meron pilgrimage, or bonfire celebrations themselves, nevertheless, think that it is okay for youngsters under their control or influence to do so. They think that they are only kids, so what is the problem? So there have arisen, in recent years, some such places they will even go so far as to arrange, on their premises, a bonfire with music and dancing for them, a sort of mini Meron. But such an approach sends dangerous mixed signals, and gets kids used to and comfortable with foreign practices. Not a good idea. The children can go on a outing to a park instead.

In the זכות of proper חינוך, may be zoche to much נחת from our children.



2 Responses to “Lag Baomer and Chinuch -ל”ג בעומר ומצות חינוך”

  1. learn2lein Says:

    I heard from a reliable source that in some Zilberman schools they avoid bonfires on Lag BaOmer by going to a park in a very secular area where there is no chance that anyone will be making one.

    My non religious cousins have stopped making school bonfires for the past few years out of environmental concerns.

    • Treasures of Ashkenaz Says:

      Thanks for your comment. It is nice to see people taking a firm and principled stand like that.

      We see yearly how much damage the new custom of the bonfires is causing, ה’ ירחם.

      How great were our גדולי עולם like the Chasam Sofer זי”ע who warned against such new things, even when they pose as venerable, frum practices.

      It’s about time people, as well as גדולים, speak out.

      I’m sure רשב”י is happy (not) about all the damage, in ארעא קדישא and elsewhere, done in his name. Outrageous. What a חילול השם, and for those claiming to be concerned about רשב”י, what an embarrassment.

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