Vestiges of Minhag Ashkenaz in Unexpected Places: Satmar Rebbe’s Teshuva Drosho – דרשת שבת שובה ושבת הגדול ע”י הרב בטלית

Sometimes one is pleasantly surprised when they see an unexpected sight. Such was the case when, a short while ago, I came across a photo of the (Kiryas Joel) Satmar Rebbe giving a ‘Shabbos shuvah drosho’ in Williamsburg in New York, a few days ago, wearing a tallis. The practice seems to be a vestige of the old minhag Ashkenaz, in which a tallis is worn not only for davening, but also on other special occasions, such as when a Rav is mesader kiddushin, officiating at a chassunah (wedding), and for Shabbos Hagodol and Shabbos Shuva drashos, and so on, מפני כבוד הציבור. In this case it was especially interesting as it was not even on Shabbos, but rather on Sunday, צום גדליה!

Interestingly, this minhag survives in a variety of locations around the world, such as Eretz Yisroel, Europe, as well as some places in the USA. Did you see it at the drosho you attended this year?

Do you have any other examples of sightings of Minhag Ashkenaz practices, or vestiges thereof, in unexpected places, that you would like to share with us? Do tell!

יה”ר שנזכה לשוב בתשובה שלמה בקרוב


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12 Responses to “Vestiges of Minhag Ashkenaz in Unexpected Places: Satmar Rebbe’s Teshuva Drosho – דרשת שבת שובה ושבת הגדול ע”י הרב בטלית”

  1. Says:

    The Rov at GGBH always does [typically at Shabbos Mincho on Shuvo & haGodol the Rov will receive Hagbo and retain his Tallis for Pilpul speech after Mincho, but this doesn’t transpire @KAJ WH where Rov never wear Tallis for Shabbos Shuva/haGodol afternoon Pilpul.

  2. Yid Says:

    Chief Rabbi Jonathan Sacks would wear a Tallis during his pre-selichos address on Saturday night

    • Treasures of Ashkenaz Says:

      Thanks for that information!

      Would you know if he wore one when delivering Shabbos Shuva and Shabbos Hagodol droshos as well?

      As an aside, in some places they have those droshos at the time of their Shabbos morning davening. In such cases one is hard pressed to discern a minhog in the area, as they are anyway wearing a tallis due to davening.

  3. Michael Appel Says:

    Rav Simcha haKohen Kook, chief rabbi of Rehovot wears a talit for both his Shabbat haGadol and Shabbat Shuva drashot at Beit Knesset HaGadol in Rehovot.

  4. Snag Says:

    Rabbi Dr Solomon Schonfeld was Principal of the Hasmonean schools in London, and used to address them, in his tallis, ever year on a Chanuka afternoon.

  5. Ruben Says:

    In Amsterdam @ what is called the Halachic Lecture, as well. Obviously :-). Same as Schmuel describes for GGBH.

  6. Not Fred Titmus (@FredTitmus) Says:

    Ever heard of someone wearing a Tallis for his Seder? See here:

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