Categories, Tags, and Pesach

I have been working in recent days on labeling past posts with categories and tags to make them more accessible and inviting to readers.  It would add a sort of partial index to the site as well. The project is not finished yet, but much has already been done, ב”ה. One can see the categories and many of the tags on the right side margin of the Treasures of Ashkenaz homepage. By holding your mouse over them, you are shown the number of linked posts. By clicking on them, you are taken to relevant and connected material previously published at the site.

So, for example, if you want to see past posts related to Pesach, just go to that area, find the Pesach tag, and click on it, to get a nice collection of Pesach material for ענינא דיומא from the site archives.


Wishing  readers, supporters, and other fine Jews, א פרייליכען און כשר’ן פסח….

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