KAYJ Website Address Change – .ORG to .NET

I would like to alert readers, that the web address of the important website of KAYJ, קהל עדת ישורון of ירושלים עיה”ק, which has great resources in the area of מנהגי ונוסח אשכנז, including nusach recordings and a discussion forum, has recently moved from KAYJ.ORG to KAYJ.NET. More work is needed to transfer its large amount of material, which we hope will be accomplished soon.

Due to the change, links with the old address will not accomplish what they used to. If you encounter such a problem, you can try the same url with .net substituted for .org, which hopefully will do the trick after the files are esconced in their new home.

Thanks to קהל עדת ישורון ירושלים  for all their great work!


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