Shorshei Minhag Ashkenaz (SMA) English synopsis almost sold out – Another MMA winner!

Not much longer than a year ago, a fine English volume of synopses rendered from the classic Hebrew language שרשי מנהג אשכנז series was issued, distributed by Feldheim publishers.

Informed sources have recently reported that it is close to being sold out. So in case you have been waiting to purchase it, or want to get additional copies for gifts, you might want to take note and action.

In that sense it is following in the footsteps of the full length Hebrew SMA volumes as well as other MMA publications, most of which are out of print, and difficult to impossible to find available (anyone want to sponsor reprints of out of print works or forthcoming אי”ה ones? Contact MMA!).


2 Responses to “Shorshei Minhag Ashkenaz (SMA) English synopsis almost sold out – Another MMA winner!”

  1. R. Says:

    Hello! I am trying to purchase this book, but on Feldheim it is listed as out of stock. Nothing on Amazon either. Anyone have ideas? Thank you very much in advance! Rachel

    • Treasures of Ashkenaz Says:

      I took a look and it seems that some Jewish bookstores still have copies available, based on their websites, even if Feldheim and Amazon don’t. Try looking in that direction.

      I suspect that there are some copies on store shelves here and there as well.

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