Lend A Hand To The Ashkenaz Revival! Yes, You! We Want Your Hand!

חז”ל tell us in the ירושלמי that ישראל נתבעין ונותנין. Yidden are asked to give, and they respond. Nu, so what are you waiting for then? 😉

מכון מורשת אשכנז has existed for over twenty five years, accomplishing great things on a proverbial shoestring, fortified with a great dose of מסירת נפש.

But even a shoestring sometimes needs to be replaced or reinforced.

I was not intending to do this when I started this site, but having recently learned of the need at the Machon of late in wake of  the recent economic downturn, as well as the decline of the value of the US dollar against the Israeli shekel, I feel compelled to try to help, being an avid consumer of their great works. Yes, now is your opportunity to join the ranks of the supporters of this great endeavor!

Those of you who are familiar with this site know that MMA and רבש”ה are major sources of information and inspiration for it. Although this is an independent site, it has been strongly influenced by the Ashkenazic renaissance led by them.

We humbly proudly ask you to therefore consider supporting MMA to enable it to continue it’s very important work. אם אין קמח אין תורה.

A paypal account has recently been set up and a link  added to the MMA website for the convenience of those who want to donate online (of course, use proper precautions with the secure site,  e.g. don’t donate with unsecured wifi in an airport terminal). Donations can be made the old-fashioned way too, such as via checks. You are invited to pitch in via the links at the Machon’s website, or you can go directly here to do so.

אחד המרבה ואחד הממעיט ובלבד שיכוין לבו לשמים. וכל המרבה הרי זה משובח

If you need more information, or would like to inquire about opportunities such as dedications of ספרים or similar larger levels of support, feel free to contact the Machon, via the contact info at their site.

To get an idea of what has been accomplished so far and what can אי”ה be accomplished in the future, one can take a look at the list of publications of the Machon over the years, as well as those in various stages of preparation for the future בעזרת השי”ת, which can be seen here. There could be tens of volumes of שרשי מנהג אשכנז, biezras Hashem, if the support was there. If one extrapolates from the impact made by the four volumes that have appeared so far, one can easily imagine what they might accomplish. And MMA is more than just ספרים.

Do it for your ancestors.

Do it for yourself.

Do it for your children. 

Thanks in advance for your consideration of this important matter.

In the zechus of החזקת התורה and החזקת המסורה, may we be zoche to see החזרת עטרה ליושנה, the glory of Ashkenazic Jewry restored and reinforced speedily in our days, as well as בנים ובני בנים עוסקים בתורה ובמצות, and ביאת משיח צדקנו בב”א.



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