Ideas, thoughts, suggestions, comments?

ותשועה ברב יועץ – משלי יא:יד, כד:ו

We have finished our first week since the launch of the blog, בעזרת השי”ת.

I am gratified at the amount of visitors to the site. ברוך השם.

Thanks to all those who have lent a hand, or a good word.

You may have noticed that the initial rush of posting has slowed down. It takes time to write quality posts, and one must keep learning, and listening, and thinking, to have worthwhile postings. So the frequency of postings in the future may well decline. But when they do come, I hope they will be be special, and worthwhile of your valuable time. I endeavour to have high quality postings. Quality over quantity.

Anyone who has ideas or suggestions as to how we can improve things here, please share them via the comments feature. Ideas for postings? Feel free to chime in.

If you don’t want them posted to the world, you can send them in as a comment to the blog, but note at the top that it is not for publication. I will read it and not send it on to the blog.

Thanks and גוט וואך.

One Response to “Ideas, thoughts, suggestions, comments?”

  1. Rallis Wiesenthal Says:

    I would draw topics/ideas from the KAYJ Forum and expand on them!

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